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members exhibited an extreme range of humanity-- in size, shape, and behaviour.   They did not look like an elite or even an average group of citizens, yet somehow they had been chosed to act as the leaders of the state.   Now I was one of them.

        At this point the Usher of the black Rod arrived outside and rapped on the locked door in the ancient ceremony    of the Royal messenger,   said to date from the reign of Charles I, one of the Stewart kings--who had quite a few original ideas.  

        Black Rod, in frock coat,   lace jabot and kneebreeches was admitted with some hiliarity on the part of a few Labor members.   They made ribald suggestions to each other about the use of the black rod which he carried out with him.

        He delivered his message:

        "The Commissioners request the immediate attendence of this Honourable house in the Legislative Council chamber, to hear the commission of the opening of parliament read."

        We duly filed out of our chamber, across the lobby into the red furnished "Other place", to join the MLCs for the short formality of reading the commission , which was conducted by the clerk of the Upper House.   Then we went back to our own chamber to be sworn in as members of the Legislative Assembly.

        The governor had commissioned Wran, Ferguson and Renshaw to administer the oath or affirmation of  

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