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were prone to ear, nose and throat infections; but these could occur from the use of backyard pools as well as the surf. No direct causal relationship could be established between the sewerage outfall and specific diseases.

Nevertheless, there were no votes to be won by telling people that they were quite safe swimming in human excreta. Psychology and aesthetics demanded "clean" water.

The petition was circulated widely, with sheets sent to all the surf clubs. Within a couple of months more than 5 000 signatures were collected. We photo-copied all the sheets, so that I could later write to each person who had signed. The  Daily  ran a picture of me with the huge petition on my desk, just before I presented it to Parliament.  

As a further sign of my determination to get some action, I requested that the Water Board allow local people to have an inspection of the installation at North Head. This was granted, and a carefully selected group, led by the local MP, was taken on a conducted tour. The group included Joan Thorburn and two other Manly aldermen, with their town clerk, engineer, and town planner. There were also representatives from Warringah Shire Council, several surf clubs, and the Manly Chamber of Commerce. Most importantly, a reporter and photographer from the  Daily  came along.

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