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"In the event of winning, I might be able to give you a job.    However, that will depend on how you perform in the meantime."

"Fair enough.   What are you doing tomorrow?"

        I insisted that Donna should discard leather and jeans in favour of more conservative clothes:

        "If I have to wear a suit you have to wear a skirt."

        Her task was to organise me and to push me into the public gaze.   She could not type, but she could talk persuasively and forcefully when necessary.   A lifelong dislike of telephones was one of my handicaps.   Donna took over and rang up a long list of contacts, arranging support, and making appointments.   The blank spaces on the calendar started to fill up.

        ALP Head Office had circularized all candidates, asking for our preference of ministers to visit and help with local campaigning.    At the top of the list for Manly, I put Paul Landa, Minister for Planning and Environment.   As a biologist, I felt most in common with Landa's image of a militant conservationist.   There was plenty to show him in the electorate, and plenty of people who would like to meet him.

        We were given a date of two weeks hence for his visit and Donna set about preparing an itinerary.   For

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