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the skipper gingerly brought the new ferry into the wharf at Circular Quay. Neville Wran and Peter Cox and several television crews were waiting to greet us.

Several weeks were required to prepare the 'Freshwater" and her crew to srtat on the Manly run. We had been preparing to welcome her for years. Although John Morrison's carefully prepared public relations plan had been largely ignored by the bureaucrats, we were at least confident of putting on a good show for the new ferry's arrival at Manly. All sorts of local people wanted to be involved in the big event.

As the day approached I discovered that, inexplicably, the bureaucrats were still reluctant to co-operate. I was told that the number of passengers on the first trip would be limited to three hundred because the catering budget could not provide for more. Further enquiries with the Minister's office revealed that a guest list had already been drawn up. Apart from Willie and me, the list included only a dozen people from Manly. The remainder consisted mostly of senior public servants.

I could not accept this snub to my constituents, who had been encouraged to regard the ferries as belonging to Manly. A private interview with Peter Cox, without his minders, was requested.

Sitting brooding in my parliamentary office, I

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