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We had pushed on with our own propoganda. As well as the regular small advertisements, the Policy Committee had decided to carry out a Christmas letterboxing. John Morrison designed a small calendar which would fit easily through the slot in a standard letterbox.  

The concept was to give every household somethign which had useful information, and which might be retained on a kitchen wall. On one side, above the dates, were my photo and the caption:

"Let's make 1981 another good year for Manly.

"If you need personal advice or assistance don't hesitate to call me or visit my office."

My phone number, address and office hours were given. At the bottom was the emotive slogan:

"Alan Stewart -- for people who love Manly".

On the reverse side was the "hard sell":

"ALAN STEWART produces the goods FOR MANLY", was carried above a line drawing of one of the new ferries (drawn by David Stewart).

Then followed a list of the "goods" which were on the way:

*Two New Ferries

*Travel Concessions

*Wharf Interchange

*Traffic lights

Current Status: