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        Landa was late again.   When he finally arrived he looked refreshed and greeted me with a smile.   Ignoring the lift, he sprinted up the stairs to the second floor dining room, where the paying guests were already seated.   A table with two chairs had been reserved for us at the far end.

        Landa sat down facing the room and I sat opposite him, which meant that I had my back to the people at other tables.

        "No!" hissed Landa, "Sit beside me so that they can see your face."

        I quickly changed sides.

        In contrast to his hearty lunch, Landa only picked at his dinner.   I also seemed to have lost my appetite, (and the food was far from inspiring.)   Eventually, I asked if he was ready to speak.   He took out a card from inside his coat, studied some headings on it for a few seconds, and then nodded.   I stood up and introduced him:

        "Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honour to introduce our guest of honour, the honourable D.P. Landa M.L.C., Minister for Planning and Environment, Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council of New South Wales, and Vice President of the Executive Council...."

        I had the odd experience of hearing these phrases rolling automatically off my tongue, as if I was

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