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watch and interrupted:

        "I have made a decision.   The application is approved," he said, getting to his feet.

        We thanked him and started moving out, but at the door he called Tom and me back.

        "I'd like my colleagues to stay behind to discuss another matter", he said as the others filed out.   He shut the door and walked to the centre of the room, before turning on us, scowling:

        "Listen you stupid bastards!   When you organise a         deputation to a minister, the first thing you do is find out from his   staff if he is going to say 'yes' or 'no.'   If he is going to say 'no' you back off, but if he is going to say   'yes' you go in fighting and demand that the minister give in.   You don't let the council or anyone else take the credit.   You should have a press release already written and in to the  Manly  Daily  before that lot get back to write their own."

        He shoved an envelope at us:

        "Here's today's effort.   Now get going with it and see what kind of a run the  Daily  gives it."

         We were learning on the job.

         Three weeks after the election Wran visited Manly.   As Minister for Culture he had encouraged the funding


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