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mob a bit of a hint that I was a local, not an outsider . . .

        "back in the twenties,   my mother was an art student and had a            studio above the beach at Queenscliff.   She told me about the various artists and writers who frequented the area....perhaps we will see a revival of what was then called a bohemian community in Manly."

        The  Manly  Daily  had to come to terms with the fact that two of the four state seats on the peninsular were now held by the Labor party.   Their first tactic was to make sure that we were labelled.   My predecessor had been refered to as "Mr E.D.Darby, the Member for Manly".   Orders were now given that I was to be categorised as "Mr A.G.Stewart, State Mp, Labor, Manly": as if there were other members, of different political persuasions, representing Manly.

        The hostile attitude of the  Daily's  management was a problem for the young reporters, who were generally friendly and interested in my activities.

        Cathy Crawford had phoned to say that she was assigned to interview the new MPs: and I called in to see her in the news room.   With the crowded desks, clamouring phones and clattering typewriters, any meaningful conversation seemed impossible.   And there was an oppressive atmosphere, as if the bosses were  

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