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schools; Tom Uren, the Federal minister, visited the beach and talked about the sewage problem.  

Paul Landa, who was now Attorney General and Minister for Consumer Affairs, was coming on the Wednesday -- three days before the election. He was due to give a press conference on consumer protection in my electorate office at 3 pm. That morning we had a message from ALP Head Office. They had obtained John Cain, Premier of Victoria, to help in my campaign. He would be arriving by ferry at 3.10 pm.  

Landa arrived as I was starting down the office stairs to head for the wharf. His face clouded when he was told of the double booking. Nevertheless, a premier, even from another state, had to have precedence. Leaving Landa waiting restlessly in the office, I hurried down the Corso.

The ferry was already in. John Cain and Bob Carr, the new member for Maroubra, were walking unnoticed along the wharf. I apologized for my lateness, and led them back to my office.

The Manly Daily  reporter had also arrived. The press conference planned for Landa became one for Cain. The Premier patiently answered a few inane questions about the likelyhood of Victorian tourists enjoying the delights of Manly.

John Cain had come to power in Victoria by following the lessons of the Wran model -- offering

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