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Material. At Harbord, I was on home ground, but Stacey was given a polite reception. Both of us were heard in silence, with a few simple questions on policy afterwords. North Steyne, which Stacey had joined, had to cancel its meeting from lack of a quorum. Stacey did not turn up the Manly Branch meeting, where I recived a lively reception. Trying to be modest, I described myslef as a failed farmer.

"We don't want failures" someone yelled from the back of the hall.  

A middle aged woman in hippie gear jumped to her feet : "what is your attitude to abortion?" "it should not be retroactive." I quipped back.  

She sat down, looking puzzled. there were a few more questions about my background and some mild applause. Then the meeting got on with debating world events-- the struggle between Socialism amd Capitalism. The next week Stacey withdrew his nomination and offered me his support. And so I became the ALP candidate for Manly be default.

The SEC appointed Randall as my campaign manger. He was full of advice, phoning me every day with detailed instructions on how I should be winning votes.  

"The pensioners have a meeting at the North Steyne Surf Club every Wednesday at noon. You should go there to answer questions."

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