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[page 215]

statement on topical government policies (the

later cannot be programmed).

"In order to maximise the impact of public

appearances, each happening should be devised

to reach each market sector      in turn, with a  

special emphasis on those segments known to

dominate the swinging vote segment; e.g. young

people (join in a youth group event), the sports

minded (publically support the Manly - Warringah

sporting Union), pensioners (set up an inflation

fighting scheme for them), the higher educated

(hold a seminar for conservationists), women

(espouse the popular causes for women)."


            Then he handed around a mock-up of a small

advertisement to be placed in the Manly Daily which

was designed to underpin the editorial campaign.

     The advertisement consisted of :

      1. The  'head and shoulders' photo.

      2. 'Alan Stewart, MP for Manly.'  

      3. A phrase highlighting a recent achievement.

      4. Office hours and an invitation to call.

      5. A final slogan:' FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE  MANLY'.

Space was booked for the advertisement on page

five of the Daily, next to the gossip column, every

second  Thursday. Tom Webster took the spot on

alternate  Thursdays.


Current Status: