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Although she had been recently briefed on the tens of millions that were being spent on the North Head plant, Thorburn condemned:

"the Labor Government's failure to do anything to overcome the problem..."

At this point, one of the agents provocateurs intervened:

"Bloody Liberal!" He yelled at Thorburn.

Raising the pitch in her voice, Madam Mayor was quick to respond:

"You Labor people will not do Alan Stewart any  good by that kind of behaviour!" She admonished.

The genuine Labor supporters were confused, while the Liberals cheered and clapped in a superior manner.

Jeremiah Jackson spoke next. He soberly described the pollution he had found on the beach, giving facts and figures which showed that there were various organisms in the water which indicated the presence of sewage, but that they were probably not at dangerous levels. He then endorsed the Water Board's plans for disposing of sewage through the submarine tunnels.  

At my suggestion, Petrie had put Meets before me in the lsit of speaekrs. Hence I would have an advantage of being given the last say.

There was a round of cheering as Meers walked down to the Microphone in the centre of the amphitheatre. His teeth flashed in acknowledgement.

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