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local establishment was concerned by the socialist tendency to control development but was anxious not to miss out on any Government funding for work on their beachfront.   Hence the program included visits to all the beaches in the electorate, starting at Manly and working up the coast.

        At each stop on the tour, officials and technical experts would be on hand to expalin the situation to the minister. I had also enlisted the aid of some scientist friends from the University, to add more brainpower to the entourage.   The minister would not be short of advice.

        Lunch was to be at the Harbord Diggers Club, a massive structure perched on the headland between Freshwater and Curl Curl beaches.   We would be guests of the directors.   The minister's office had been monitoring arrangements closely and his private secretary was explicit :

        "The minister does not eat red meat or drink alcohol.   Make sure that he is given a large salad and plenty of mineral water."

        Donna rang the Club's manager and warned him accordingly.

         We carefully examined the itinerary, making sure that none of Landa's time would be wasted, pursuing every opportunity to exploit his prestige.   The visit was set for the coming Friday, the arrangements confirmed and approved by the minister.

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