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Hay was quoted as being confident of winning the seat and also intending to remain as mayor. I took the opportunity to have a shot back at him by writing an "open letter" which challenged him to stand down as mayor:

"I believe that the State and local government need to work together in the interests of the people of Manly. The use of Manly Council in a belligerent and party-political manner will destroy  the relationship that has reaped so many benefits for Manly residents in recent years. The solution to the problem is a simple one. I believe you owe it to the voters and to the Council to resolve your conflict of interest by standing down as Mayor of Manly until the next State election has taken place."

Of course, David Hay did not concede my point. He had found good reason to remain as mayor until after the election. The Council would be his main base in the campaign. Then he would hand over to Alderman Judy Mellowes. The deal was that she could have her turn as mayor in return for supporting him in the contest for the State seat.

Mellowes had been originally elected on a conservationist platform which had opposed greedy development and the establishment's exploitation of Manly. After several terms on the Council, she had

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