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that could be stuffed into a letterbox, but Meers found new ways of using his dollars. Bikini clad girls circled the streets in rented mini-mokes, handing out Meers balloons, caps and stickers. His posters appeared overnight on hundreds of light poles. A team of hired canvassers, armed with a special computer printout which gave prior details of the occupiers of each residence, "interviewed" people from door to door. Meers threw a lavish party to open yet another campaign office in Sydney Road.

Sir Robert Askin, who had been Meers patron, was on his death bed. He finally succumbed ten days before the election. A State funeral for the former Premier was arranged for the Monday. Not waiting for the body to grow cold, the Sunday papers ran sensational stories about Askin's involvement with crime. All the scandals which had been whispered about for years were brought out into the open.  

As Askin's local member, I felt some obligation to attend the funeral. It was held at Saint Andrew's Cathedral. Politicians from all parties attended: Prime Minister Frazer, Premier Wran, federal and state ministers and opposition leaders, present and former MPs. Judges and senior police officers were also present to pay their respects.

The scriptures were read by the Very Reverend Lance Shilton, Anglican Dean of Sydney, upholder of

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