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*Balgowlah Bypass

*Brookvale Tech Extensions

*Co-education in High Schools

*Beach Restoration

*Sewage Priority

*Tourism Plan

*Nth Head National Park

Across the bottom was the final slogan:

"YOUR MAN in the Wran Government through the 80's". The message was simple. Funding for these goodies would continue to flow from the Wran Government as long as I was still around to represent the electorate.

Transport and education were positive issues where the Government could be seen to be spending millions of dollars on new ferries and bricks and mortar.

The sewage pollution issue was negative, with no quick solution, and no obvious result to show from the massive funding of work at North Head.

Ever since 1910, sewage had been discharged into the ocean at the foot of the cliffs at North Head. The system had been enlarged as Sydney's population grew.

By the 1960's, the North Head ocean outfall served almost a million people, with a far flung system of sewers which drained most of the northern suburbs and extended west as far as Blacktwon. Two other outfalls,

Current Status: