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   Her pretext was that she was a member of the Tourist Promotion Committee, which consisted of representatives from both the Chamber and the Council. Reluctantly, I agreed to include her.

   Our appointment was for 3 pm in the State Office Block. The Chamber of Commerce representitives were offered a lift in the Mayoral limousine. I was left to make my own arrangements, and caught a hydrofoil from Manly. We met in the Premier's ante-room. Thorburn was all smiles as we waited.  

   After waiting for a few minutes, we were taken up to the ninth floor, to a conference room. There we were joined by Wran and Gerry Gleeson, the permanent secretary of the Premier's Department. I introduced the delegation and we sat on either side of a long table-- the trio from the Chamber and Thorburn were on one side, and Wran, Gleeson and I faced them from the other side.

   Wran opened proceedings by saying that he been pleased to grant my request for a deputation to discuss tourism. I thanked the Premier for giving us his time, and started to outline the need for an examination of the advantages and dissadvantages of tourism in Manly.

   Thorburn interrupted: Manly Council knew what was wanted but the Govenment had not listened. She began to recite a list of projects which required funding.

   Gleeson skilfully deflected her attention away

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