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of regional art centres, enabling local art galleries to improve their facilities and to employ professional staff.   Manly Art Gallery was run by a committee which was appointed by the municipal council. It was housed in a small brick building, next to a more imposing neo-classical public toilet block, at the far end of the harbourside park to the west of Manly Wharf.   Over the years , modest acquisitions had been made for its permanent collection, but the conservatism of the establishment was reflected in their choice of works.   Little attempt was made to encourage local artists of talent, or to procure visiting exhibitions of mainstream trands in art.   Like many other local institutions, the Manly Art Gallery was really a cosy little club for the chosen few.

         The committee had eagerly grasped the offer of funding from the Labor government.   The director's salary was paid by the council from a subsidy it received under the scheme.   They had also applied for a grant to obtain suitable lighting for the gallery.   This money ($10 000) had been forthcoming and the fitting had recently been completed.   Now, as a result of a strong hint from his office, the Premier had been invited to turn on the lights at an evening function.

        Donna relayed a message from someone on Wran's personal staff:

        "Alan must be waiting at the door when the Premier arrives.   It is his job to welcome the Premier

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