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In October and November 1979 a survey was carried out in Manly and Wakehurst electorates under the supervision of Ernie Chaples. This estimated the two party preferred vote in Manly to be ALP 52% and Liberal 48%, compared to the election results a year before of 55% and 45% respectively. Satisfaction with the State Government had fallen 11% and dissatisfaction had increased 14%. However, the margin of satisfied over dissatisfied was still more than 2:1.

A series of questions was asked to assess the degree of recognition and of satisfaction with the two new local members. In Manly, 23% of the sample of voters could volunteer my name as their member. This was compared with 38% for Darby in 1978. Chaples concluded in his university report that:

"Given that both the sitting members are new to their seats and comparatively new to politics in their electorates, their recognition ratings and satisfaction ratings are very substantial indeed. Almost all those respondents who knew enough about either Stewart or Webster to have formed an opinion about them were satisfied with their performance to date...Mr A. Stewart has made a substantial beginning in his first year in replacing for local people the long term and locally popular Liberal member, Mr Darby."

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