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The survey showed that unemployment was still the issue most on voters minds but they wanted action on this from both the federal and state governments. They wanted the state government to push ahead with improvements to public transport; stiffer pollution controls; more assistance with education; and relaxation of laws relating to homosexuality, prostitution, abortion and gambling. Support for the local police was decreasing, with a substantial majority believing that police corruption was a high priority problem for the government.

A number of questions were asked about tourism. An overwhelming 81% of the Manly sample were in favour of increasing tourism. Nevertheless, there was substantial concern with the possible side effects such as traffic problems, increased cost of housing and more pollution.   When asked to choose their highest preference from a list of tourist-related projects, 35% picked a new Manly ferry, 15% improved car parking, and 12% improved beaches.  

In response, John Morrison presented a paper on my 1980 promotion and advertising. He started with assumption that editorial material (news items) easily outrates paid advertisements in credibility. Hence he argued that:  

"It is more productive for us to spend one  

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