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Two of their shops were sold, but the jewellery store in the Corso was retained. David could sometimes be seen behind the counter, explaining the features of the latest watch in stock. More often, he was noticed driving about in a succession of expensive cars. He still did not have to work for a living.

By the early 1970's the lustre of the mayor's office had faded, and David Hay dropped out of the Council to concentrate on his business and sporting interests. He had found useful links between business and sport -- particularly football, where his brother-in-law, Ken Arthurson, was now an administrator. Jean Hay, several inches taller than her husband, regarded herself as a "model", and organised charity fashion shows -- with herself as the centrepiece. She was obviously the stronger partner in the marriage.

The Hays supported Nelson Meers in his spectacular attempt to win Manly. They introduced the Tooth Fairy and his wife to all the establishment circles. The two elegant couples were seen at all the right functions together. To reinforce his admiration, David Hay bought a new silver BMW which was an exact match of the car owned by Meers.

After Meers, Hay had decided to return to public life himself. Municipal office might be used as a stepping-stone to State politics. He was elected again to the Council and soon had the numbers to topple Joan

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