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"Buzz" words like "environment" were used without being too specific--"natural values and social welfare" could cover a wide range of issues.

        Another reporter, who wrote the womens' page in the  Daily, made an appointment to do a story on the family at home.   She would bring a photographer with her.   This caused panic in the household--the place must be tidied up in time!

        I prudently made sure that I was absent at the time of the group interview.   There would be plenty of other people to do the talking.

        The result was a large photo of the family, minus Gabby who was away nursing, but including my mother-in-law, who was smiling.   The accompanying article quoted Willie ("working mother of five") as saying:

        "We'll cope just as we have coped with everything else...I cant see any problems in Alan's election to office...Everyone helps everyone else in this family.   If you need extra help you ask for it."

      I travelled into the city, to the drab grey Fairfax building at Ultimo, to be interviewed for one of a series of articles on the new MPs in the  Herald.

        The result was headed:   "Unlikely candidate who won Manly".

        It went on to outline the unexpected result in Manly, portraying me as:

        "...a man many would consider an unlikely

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