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Dee Why Information Centre.

4.30 pm, inspect The Corso, Manly, and parking facilities:   5.30 pm, visit Manly Wharf;   7.30 pm dinner at the Hotel Manly.

        We had checked and double checked to ensure that the appropriate people would be at each site at the appointed times.   A hundred tickets had been sold for the dinner, mostly to local ALP members.

        Everything seemed ready, but all depended on the star performer, the Hon. David Paul Landa.

        Friday morning was wet and windy.   A copy of the approved itinerary was in my pocket, and I was waiting for Landa at the southern end of Manly beach with a welcoming committee.   We were a disparate group, huddled out of the rain under a shelter shed on the promenade.

        Manly Council was there in force:   The newly elected Mayor, Joan Thorburn: the Town Clerk, the Municipal Engineer; the Chief Town Planner; and several aldermen.   As well, my team of helpers was assembled:   Barry and Marilyn Fox, my postgraduate colleagues from the Ecology Group; Don Adamson, a senior lecturer in Plant Physiology and a respected conservationist; Gladdy and Donna.   Our first site inspection was to involved beach erosion and the sickly condition of the famous Norfolk Pine trees on the promenade.

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