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A week later, Langworthy's second piece of campaign literature was letterboxed. It was was far more professional. Featuring glossy full-colour pictures of aborted foetuses, it was authorised by M. Tigue and printed by Beckett Press in Melbourne. The how-to-vote had been adjusted, so that number 2 was now given to Meers, and number 3 to me.

A caption told the story:

"Patty stands for the protection of human life and social justice. Give your second preferences to to Nelson Meers who has given pro-life commitments. Place Mr ALAN STEWART last because he has not given a pro-life commitment."

I had the unique honour of holding the only seat in the state which had a "pro-life" candidate running. Not even the avowed atheists of the left had been targeted in this way. As a person who had been intrigued by the mystery of life since childhood, I could not help feeling a certain resentment at this treatment.

A cynic might have concluded that Darby had been eventually bought off, that the "pro-life" candidature was contrived, and that Nelson Meers was behind all the manoeuvering.  

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