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Twelve: Social Interactions

"There are many things that I firmly intend to leave in obscurity."

-- Simone de Beauvoir.

Donna had saves her leave and pay for a two-month "grand tour" to Europe. She had been full of plans for her first overseas trip, and had attended Weight Watchers to try and trim down in preparation. The result was spectacular. By the time she departed, a new slim persona had emerged from within the familiar bulky form.

In her absence, Maureen and Mary looked after the electorate office. John Morrison argued strongly that things were better without Donna, and that I should consider a permanent replacement -- A "dolly bird" who could improve the corporate image.

His latent marketing plan included upgrading the office:

"The current image and layout is not conducive to welcoming new faces. The atmosphere must be warm but brisk and businesslike, reflecting the efficiency of an MP who gets things done."

It was true that Donna was untidy, and sometimes rude and agressive. I had received complaints about her behaviour in the office, some of which seemed justified. She was certainly not a "dolly bird", even

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