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should choose the candidate who was most likely to win the seat back for the party.

"'The Lord Mayor of Sydney would have to be given serious consideration,' Sir Robert said."

It seemed that there was nothing I could do to influence the Liberal's choice of my opponent, and so I went off down to the farm for a few days with the family during the school holidays. Donna rang me there with the news that Meers had been endorsed.

The Manly Daily told a positive story:

"A concerted effort by a number of senior Liberals helped Sydney's Lord Mayor, Ald Nelson Meers, win party preselection for the State seat of Manly on Saturday.

"Former NSW Premier, Sor Robert Askin, and the State MP for Mosman, Mr D. A. Arblaster, were among those who lobbied hard on Ald Meers behalf.

"It is understood that only three ballots were needed to complete selection of Ald Meers... all candidates except Ald Meers and Mr Tony Selmes had been eliminated after the second ballot.

"It is understood Ald Meers won the final ballot by a safe margin...

"Ald Meers, whose term as Lord Mayor and as a Sydney City alderman will end this month, is expected to sell lhis Northbridge home and move

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