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Nine: Armenian exodus.
-Christians and Muslims in southern Russia. Fundamentalism, secularism and revolution. Desperate for peace with the Germans, Lenin cedes The Caucasus to Turkey in the Brest-Litovsk Treaty. Turks drive the Armenians out of their homeland and into Persia. Savige holds off the Turks with Lewis guns. The Armenians pillage Persian villages as they flee. The refugees arrive at Hamadan and are given standard army rations. But they refuse to work for the British and are sent down the road to Iraq.

Ten: The battle for Baku.
Bicharakov expediently converts to Bolshevism. The British force sails for Baku in Russia. Oil and politics are their motivation. The local regime in Baku is anti-Bolshevik and calls for British aid. "Stalky" commits his troops to defend the town against an overwhelming force of Turks. Captain Judge commands the 2nd Bicharakov Cossack Regiment in a rearguard action after the levies decide by popular vote not to fight. Dunsterforce departs as the Turkish field guns and Russian gunboats fire on the ships. A pistol is held to the head of an unwilling skipper. The British have to leave their armoured cars and aeroplanes behind.

Eleven: The Roadmender.
-Stewart recovers from dysentery and is appointed Field Engineer for the hamadan lines of communication. He sets up headquarters in a requisitioned mansion. A team of Persian skilled workers is employed. Traditional methods are used to make modern roads. Greeks build stone bridges. Problems in working for two masters--orders from India and London. The works are financed with Poona gold and silver. Roadwork is the main task, but an airfield and hospital are also built. Rationalizing three sabaths causes friction. The Shah's Governor offers Stewart a concubine. The Jewish community works for t he British. A sports carnival on Empire Day. A "feranghi" at the Feast of Hussein.

Twelve: Stalky's reward.
-With Turkey out of the war, the British concentrate on holding the Bolsheviks. Stalky is ordered back to India. Dunsterforce becomes the North Persian Force--occupying the former Russian sphere of influence. The Baku expedetion is condemed as a quixotic adventure. Dunsterforce's lavish expenditure is criticised--allegations of bribery, misappropriation and misdirection of

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