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        " killed 'em--congratulations", it was Landa.   He was still in dark clothes but now his face was lit by a wide grin.

        "Thanks. . . but what do I do now?"   I responded.

        "Start digging in.   The Libs will do everything they can to get rid of you."

        Here was a chance to get some practical advice.   I was apprehensive about entering the ALP caucus, which was notorious for its infighting.   Although I had no inclination to join any faction, it seemed that some approaches might soon be made.   My knowledge of the personalities who wielded power in the party was extremely hazy.   I was completely ignorant of the mechanism which controlled the parliamentary party, of which I was now a member.   However, it was clear that Wran was the unquestioned leader, to whom I owed my future.   My first duty was to confirm my allegiance to him.   But I was uncerain about the chain of command.   How was I supposed to receive orders?   To whom should I report ?

        All these uncertainties I confided to Landa, who now seemed to be sympathetic rather than agressive, speaking softly and with understanding for my feelings.

        He said that my first task should be to seek an interview with the Premier.   I must telephone his office the next day and ask for an appointment.   Landa thought that I could stay out of the factions but warned that it would not be easy.


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