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for him to be seen at the wharf  first, to draw attention to the ferry service and to get some good "visuals" for the media. He could then walk up the Corso to "meet the people".

   Remembering the visit that Cox had made during the election campaign, I suggested that the Premier should also travel to Manly by hydrofoil. After considering the idea, Faye told me that the hydrofoil could not be used for security reasons--there had been some threats and Police Special Branch was concerned about the Premier's safety. Wran would drive from Sydney in his car. (His meticulous driver would do a "dry run" the day before, just to become familiar with the route.)

   I rang the inspector in charge at Manly Police Station and gave him the details of the visit--he seemed grateful for the information and told me that he had heard nothing from his superiors.

   The appointed day was sunny. It was the last day of the winter school term, before the spring holidays. The tourists were not yet flocking to the beaches and the wharf  was not busy as the welcoming party assembled.

   There were aldermen and senior officers of Manly Council, members of the Chamber of Commerce, a reporter and photographer from the Manly Daily, and, of cource, several television crews. Two clean- cut young men in smart suits introduced themselves to me a members of

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