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machine, even though they were nominally indepandants.

        At the same elections, The Manly branch of the ALP managed to get two of its candidates, Marc Gumpert and Allen Hughes, elected to the Muncipal Council.   In coalition with the three "Conserve Manly" (Anti-developer) aldermen, they were able to form a significant opposition to the other seven "Independant" (Liberal) aldermen who supported the Establishment.   They even contrived to choose the mayor by doing deals to support a dissident Liberal candidate.

        At the beginning of 1978, I took another drastic step.   While working as a Field Officer with the Department of Agriculture, I had tried to pursue research for a Doctorate on weekends and holidays.   Both the Department and the University expected complete attention.   The conflicting interests had to be resolved and I chose to resign my job to finish the research as a full-time student.   This meant that I could spend more time at home and become more involved in local activities.   So I accepted nomination as President of the Harbord Branch of the ALP, and was duly elected without opposition.   Frank Harvey remained Secretary and a close ally.

        The Wran Government was maintaining its popularity but was hampered by having a majority of only one.


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