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and I wondered why we did not.

I rang Faye Williams to dicuss what the Premier should say in his speech. There was no question of a cover-up -- Wran would have to admit that the ferry was going to arrive late.

The centrepiece of our campaign would be missing on election day. Nobody could doubt that the thing was actually on the way. However, the misinformation on the completion date was extremely embarassing.

Because the lunch was to be on a Friday afternoon, we had to provide the  Daily  with a copy of Wran's speech in advance, before the noon deadline for publication the next day. We wanted to catch the widely read Saturday edition, and not give Meets time to reply simultaneously.

Faye had promised to include some extra "goodies" and the final draft included a new gift of $350 000 to Manly Council to improve traffic movement and facilities at the Manly Wharf with a new "bus/ferry interchange". This was an addition to the list, which already included promises to spend $1.3 million upgrading Manly Wharf and Circular Quay to meet the needs of the new ferry, and a grant of $100 000 to establish a Manly Museum.

I briefed Anne Flavin, another friendly young reporter on the  Daily, and gave her the speech and an advance copy of the Tourism Task Force Report.

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