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Another survey was conducted in Manly by the Sydney University research team during November 1982. My personal ratings were similar to those of the survey conducted just before the 1981 election. The sampling now indicated that 90% of respondents recognised Alan Stewart at their local MP, and that 64% of these were satisfied with my performance. In contrast, there had been a dramatic turnaround over twelve months in the popularity of Wran and his government. Wran's personal satisfaction rating in Manly had fallen from 58% in 1981 to 33% in 1982. Even worse, the State Government's satisfaction rating had plummeted from 63% in 1981 down to 27% in 1982.

These figures made it abundantly clear that I should run at the next election (due sometime in 1984) with a more indepedent stance. I must try to distance myself from the Wran machine, which had carried me successfully in the last two elections. Any repetition of the "Your Man in the Wran Government" or the "It's got to be Wran" themes could lead to disaster.

As a member of the ALP, I was committed to support party policies in general; and I could not be seen to do an about-face on matter with which I was already identified with the Government. Just whingeing about the condition of the State of the Electorate would lose support. It was necessary to be positive: to

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