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        Consumer Affairs (Sid Einfeld, who had just walked in)...and other honourable members.   Nonetheless he is extremely well advised on the Government's intentions."

         Laurie Brereton knew who it was that I had quoted, and chuckled with me as we walked out of the chamber together.   He seemed to understand my reasons for keeping people guessing.


        Ken Booth, the amiable Minister for Tourism, had promised help in promoting tourism in Manly.   Now the Manly Chamber of Commerce asked if I could arrange a deputation to see Wran, to discuss the Government's attitude to developing tourism as a local industry.

         The ferry service was the most obvious issue. However, there were other questions-- such as how to encourage developers to construct new accomodation, while protecting the existing lifestyle of the residents.

         I was very much aware that tourism could be a two edged sword.   In encouraging developers, we could create jobs for local people--the tourist industry is very labour intensive.   At the same time there would a lot of money made by a few people.   The local environment could suffer from uncontrolled development, and we could alienate many of the conservationists in the electorate.

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