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Again, she seemed uninterested in my comments, and quickly returned to her emotive theme that "every abortion kills a baby".

After a few more minutes of talking and not listening, Mrs Tighe stood up and walked out as abruptly as she had entered. I was left to wonder about the real purpose of her visit.

Of Douglas Darby's offspring, only his son Michael showed any political ambitions. Another political eccentric, his views seemed even more extreme than his father's. The published of a magazine called  Free Market, and a finance broker, he argued with fundamentalist fervour for a laissez-faire economy. He had won a certain notoriety by conducting well publicized expeditions to aid dissident groups in Timor and Vanuatu.  

He came to see me in Parliament House, handed me his business card and told me that he intended to stand as an independent for Manly. In his thirties, he was losing his hair and running to fat. He had a similar manner to his father: pushing close and fixing his listener with an unremitting stare.

His candidacy was apparently not intended to help Nelson Meers. By drawing off some of the old conservatives who had supported his father, he would reduce the Liberal vote, and many of his preferences

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