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            The obvious choice was Bob Quail, the big genial

newcomer in Harbord. As chief executive officer of a

benevolent association, Bob had valuable experience in  

the administration of an organisation which was

dependent on voluntary membership and fundraising. He

knew how to handle people and money without fuss. He

was so big that few people would run the risk of

offending him. even the left wingers showed him

respect, having dropped their allegations of a Head

Office "plant".

                 Bob had replaced Frank Harvey as secretary of the  

Harord ALP, and was a delagate to the SEC. There was

no problem in getting him accepted as my campaign


                       I also told the SEC that I would be asking a

number of people to advise me but did not mention who

they might be. The "think tank" would be kept out of


                       I needed a marketing expert. The product to be  

sold was me. It ws necessary to devise new ways of

processing the raw material, and of providing suitable

promotion for use in the marketplace.

                          Coca Cola was an example of a product of unknown


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