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district for his own purposes. I was a local boy, chosen by the local people to represent them -- that was the basic message which we needed to get over. We would call the newsletter  Manly First.

John Morrison presented us with a mock-up: four pages in three colours on good quality paper. A sophisticated appearance and feel were vital to dissuade people from immediately tossing it into the garbage. The masthead included a map of the Manly electorate, which emphasized the image of an isolated, parochial community on a peninsular. We planned to produce three editions before the election, which we assumed would be in September, about six months away.

Manly First No. 1  was almost ready when Meers attacked us with his "Running Sore" pamphlet, which was letterboxed. Our lead story obliquely answered his allegations about a sewage coverup by claiming "A breakthrough and a solution in sight", in a story which described the commissioning of the automated plant and plans for the submarine tunnels. We were careful not to be drawn into attacking Meers in person. The tone of  Manly First  was intended to convey a responsible attitude, which was above the much-raking of my opponent, whom we chose to ignore.

Within a few days of  Manly First No. 1  being letterboxed, Meers retaliated with an imitation. He had stolen our format, but his  Manly Truth  was cheap and

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