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        She was not to be let off lightly.

        "Mrs Darby had six children and she found time", the matron snorted.

         "But your meetings are during the day, when I have to be at work,"   Willie was starting to lose her temper, "and I'm not Mrs Darby," she shot back.

        I pulled her away to inspect the paintings. We could feel the hostile gaze of the establishment as we pretended to be interested in a row of dull oils.

        With fifteen minutes to go, I started to look outside the entrance, just in case Wran was early.   But there was no sign of the expected LTD.   Then, right on time, I spotted a shadowy figure approaching across the darkened park.   He had left his car and driver on the other side and had walked across alone, unconcerned by any security risk.   We shook hands and I welcomed him to my electorate, unseen by the crowd withing the gallery.

        As soon as we stepped into the gallery Joan Thorburn pounced.   In a loud voice she welcomed the Premier to Manly in full view of her audience.

        After taking Wran on a quick tour around the exhibition, Madam Mayor took charge of a microphone and called for order.   She made a long rambling speech; which outlined the virtues of the members of the committee and emphasized the importance of the benevolent Council to Manly's progress.   There was no mention of art or artists.   Gushing over the Premier,  

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