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portraits of solemn-looking former speakers of the Assembly.   At the far end I was met by an attendant in a grey uniform.   I explained self-consciously that I was the new member for Manly and that I had an appointment to see the speaker.   He asked me to wait while he telephoned.   Then I was led across the musty green carpet of the vestibule towards a massive cedar doorway, set between huge group photos of the members of past parliaments.  

        The Honourable Lawrence Borthwick Kelly sat behind an antique desk in the speaker's suite, which was furnished in colonial splendour, with polished wood and plush upholstery.   His sun- tanned complexion and boyish grin related more to the beach tan to these ornate surroundings.   As speaker, he was the presiding officer for the Legislative Assembly, in charge of the its staff and buildings, as well as controlling the formal business of the House when it was in session.   He had the power to exclude anyone from the premises, even the Premier.   He also had power over the menu in the dining room.

         We talked about the logistics of taking over the seat of Manly.   I said that new electorate office might be required, in a central position.   He was sympathetic but warned that there was a limit to the level of rent which he could authorize.   The details could be negotiated with the appropriate staff.   With fifteen new members, it would take a while to sort

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