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attacked the Water Board over its delay in getting the $100 million sewage outfall tunnel started... Mr Stewart said last week: 'People realise that a project of the magnitude we've got up there at North Head will take a number of years to complete: what I have to do is to make sure it is done in the shortest possible time.' ... But eight years is a long time to ask any electorate to wait for any project before it sees results...

"Mr Stewart is making the most of being the incumbent candidate. Last week it was a press conference with the new Minister for Finance and Energy, Mr Cavalier, on the subject of land tax, and a hasty meeting with the minister for Planning and Environment, Mr Sheahan, to save Manly's Odeon Theatre from demolition... There will be a rush of announcements and VIP visits before March 24... The results of  big government spending on public transport are readily apparent in Manly: two new ferries, a third on the way, and a new "super" hydrofoil somewhere in transit from Italy.

"But Alderman Hay has a strong personal following in Manly, and his family has a long-standing association with the area... The family jewellery business on the Corso is a Manly institution."  

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