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nasty. The paper was of a low quality, and it was printed in drab black and white. It directly attacked me, not only on the sewage issue but also on several of the positive issues which had been introduced in  Manly First. He had fallen into the trap of fighting me about the ferries and North Head National Park, where we could tell good stories. Some of the attention could therby be drawn off sewage pollution. In mentioning my name several times in a derogatory manner, Meers had made it clear that he intended to fight on a personal level.

The policy committee was frank about my personal weaknesses. It was agreed that there was no way that I could become an upfront media personality to match the "Tooth Fairy". Now that we were engaged in single combat, the best role for me to play was that of a local David, battling an invading Goliath. Where Meers was overbearing, I should be modest. But I could not be seen to run away or appear to be ineffectual. Underneath a mild exterior, I would have to be tough, resolutely maintaining my duty to represent the people of Manly. While being myself, I must face up to my formidable enemy, eyeball to eyeball.

Manly Truth  received an unfavourable reaction because of its tone and style, and it was succeeded by a much more professional newsletter called  Manly Matters, which was almost an exact copy of our  Manly First  -- inn paper, colours, and layout. While my slogan

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