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and I found myself alone in the minibus with the driver.   He drove me back down the peninsula to Harbord.   Perversely, the rain had now stopped.   At home, the neighbours' small children were playing on the footpath.   They were impressed by my new bus and driver.

        The  Manly  Daily  was beginning to take notice of the Wran bandwaggon and its impact on local politics.   If the Labor government was certain to be re-elected, then perhaps it was wise to treat their local candidates more seriously.

        Some of my press releases were printed without unfavourable editing.   One was a biographical piece, headed "ALP man out to combat pollution", which desribed me as an environmental biologist, who lived at Harbord with a wife and five teenage children.   It went on to quote my ideas on applying science and technology to politics:

        "Mr Stewart said he was concerned , both as a scientist and a father, about the effects of a technology 'which many consider to be out of control.   He sees science as being 'people oriented,'"

        The problem of beach pollution was cited as an example of the urgent need for development of appropriate technology.   The text was accompanied by Jim Fairburn's photo of me sitting beside a microscope  

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