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public morals and indefatigable opponent of gambling and prostitution. One of the verses he read seemed particularly appropriate:

"We brought nothing into the world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out." (Job 1:21)

It was later revealed that Askin had left more than $3 million behind, said to be the proceeds of winning bets on horses.  

After the service, I met Norman Dowd, one of my constituents. He was the father of John Dowd, the member for Lane Cove in State Parliament and the Liberal Shadow Attorney General. We chatted on the footpath outside the cathedral, watching the passing crowd of dignatories. Dowd senior was a sincere Anglican and Liberal. He did not say much about Askin. We noticed that Meers was absent.

The Mayoral ball was arranged for Friday, September 18, the eve of the election. Joan Thorburn had apparently heard a rumour several months before that the election would be held on September 23, and had picked the date of the ball so that the  Daily  could run a big spread on it in the final days of the campaign.

When the actual date was announced, her calculations were found to be out by a week. With its

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