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him warmly and introduced Walker and me.

        We talked briefly about the state of the club industry and some of the problems of the licensing laws.   Then we looked around the club and met half a dozen members who were having an early drink before lunch.   Walker bought a sodawater for Gladdy and beer for me and himself.   We consumed them quickly and moved on the Rugby Club, a few doors away.   There we received another good reception from the manager but the members did not seem friendly and we did not linger at the bar.   The Manly Diggers had not opened for the day but we made our way around to the back and into the kitchen, where we found the chinese chef and several kitchen hands who were pleased to see Gladdy.   We declined their offer of a meal, listened to complaints about their working conditions, explained that we were late for another appointment, and slipped out the door.   

        The LTD was waiting outside.   We sped off towards Harbord, discussing campaign tactics as we travelled.   Walker was full of practical advise, explaining how he had won his seat, Georges River, which had previously been a Tory stronghold:

        "In a marginal electorate half the people are against you, but you must win all the others.   You can't get the dyed in the wool conservatives to vote for you but you might be able to

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