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on the appointed Saturday winter gales were sweeping white-topped waves across the Harbour. We were in for a rough trip.

Waiting to board the new ferry at Circular Quay, Tom Webster and I found ourselves in the company of Jean Hay, who was representing her husband as a guest. She hastened to tell us about the raw deal that David had been given by the local Liberals. The Liberal women, of the "blue rinse set", had apparently been particularly unpleasant to the Hays during the preselection process.

This bad treatment had been in spite of the fact that David had been asked to run by Nick Griener, the new Leader of the Opposition. Jean was bitter about the way the preselection had been snatched away. She made it clear that Pat Daley would get no help in campaigning for Manly from David or herself. I ushered her up the ramp to our new ship, and left her in the care of Doug Sutherland, the Labor Lord Mayor of Sydney.

When we were underway, a few of us climbed up to the bridge to enjoy the trip in the stormy weather. Many years before I had played truant to ride on a ferry in rough seas. There were still a few simple pleasures left in the world. Crossing the Heads, we walked the exposed length of the boat deck with "Queenscliff" rolling spectacularly in five metre

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