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(cheers from our crowd)........among the definite wins for Labor is the beachside seat of Manly..."

        The crowd exploded with screams of delight.   Rod Power was leaping about shouting, "We've won!   We've won!"   There was a crash of breaking glass as somebody tried to swing on the light fitting in the centre ofthe ceiling.   My son David punched me on the arm, "I told you so!" he said.

        A new wave of people arrived and tried to push into the already overcrowded room.   The phone was now ringing constantly.   It was difficult to use because of the noise.   More booth results were coming in and we did our best to analyse them and to relay the percentage swings to ALP head Office: while around us the party raged on.   Our calculations were justifying the jubilation.   There was a big swing in Manly and by eight o'clock there was no doubt that we had won.

        Tim Webster rang to say that they had obtained an even bigger swing in Wakehurst and that he would see me in Parliament.   Rod Cavalier rang with the news that he had vanquished the Leader of the Opposition, Peter Coleman.

        At about nine, George Ashley rang to concede defeat and to congratulate me. He was a gracious loser, although he must have felt some anguish and perhaps surprise.

        I announced to the crowd that Ashley had conceded

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