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the qualifications for this kind of thing."

Perhaps it had been worthwhile then to have been the only biologist in Parliament. I had very little experience in rainforests myself, but I knew where to find the real experts, and I could speak their language. The two days that we spent in the forest at Terania were the highlight of my career as an MP. The objective reports which resulted did have an influence on the Government's attitude to rainforest. The controversy continued for several years until finally the rainforest was saved. Many dedicated people worked hard to gain this historic victory. I was proud to have been in a position to help some of them.

In 1982, the caucus voted, by 45 to 15, to stop logging in rainforests. In Jaunary 1984, the Premier announced that the five largest areas of remaining rainforest in the State would be dedicated as national parks. Alternative jobs had been found for the timber workers, and even some of the right wing power brokers in the ALP now claimed that they had become latterday "greenies". Conservation of the natural environment was at last seen to be a vote winner.

Neville Wran told and interviewer that the one achievement for which he would be remembered was the saving of the rainforests.

There were no rainforests in Manly.

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