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ceremony at Manly Hospital.   As usual, the establishment was there in force, gathered around Joan Thorburn.   However, we did detect one or two friendly faces among the members of the hospital board.   I made a mental note to try to add a few   sympathetic people to the board.

        We sat through the   ceremony, as the long lineof nurses were presented with their certificates and prizes.   (Two years later Nurse Gabby Stewart would receive her certificate from Mona Vale Hospital.)

      It was a hot night and I was feeling in need of a drink.   When we were free to move about, I headed straight for the back of the room where refreshments had been laid out on several tables.   A short, pudgy man was already ensconced beside the liquor.   I introduced myself, and he told me that he was Michael Utting, Managing Director of  The  Manly  Daily.

     "you're the one who wrote me that insulting letter," he said, "I would not lower myself to give it the dignity of a reply."

         "I just wanted to point out that your paper failed to mention that I was representing the Premier at the Italian Festival," I replied.

        "Don't try and tell us what we should publish," said Utting, "You are only a little backbeneher!"

        He drained a glass of whiskey, shaking his head.

         "Listen, come and see me at the  Daily  one day and I'll tell you how we operate-- what the rules are," he said, patronisingly.

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