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   We left the wharf and walked across the roadway, past the Hotel Manly, towards the Council Chambers where an "informal" reception had been scheduled. Wran led the way, acknowledging greetings from people whom we happened to encounter. A group of elderly women were mildly suprised to find the Premier walking past as they gossiped on the footpath. He called "Hello!" and they giggled in response.

   Upstairs at the Council Chambers, a collection of establishment figures had assembled. They had been selected by Madam Mayor as being suitable for presentation to the Premier. In fact, they were the same old crowd that turned up for all of the regular "nosh ups" that the Council put on. They stood around in small groups, sipping tea, muching cake and sandwiches, and smiling; as Wran, Thorburn and I circulated. There was hardly a Labor voter among them. Nevertheless, due deference was shown to Wran, the first Premier ever to make an official tour of Manly.

   Zandra Sharpe, the young reporter from the Daily who was covering the story, shyly asked Wran if he would give her a few quotes. "Of course," he said, and took her away to a corner of the room for a tem-minute interview.

   On our second cup of tea, we encountered the new editor of the Daily, Murray White. Once an up and coming member of the parliamentary press gallery, working for the Telegraph, White had now found that

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