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represent them with the utmost vigour, irrespective of their political persuasion."

The year drew quickly to an end with the spring session of parliament and the usual whirl of functions which I was obliged to attend. The family moved down to the farm for the Christmas school hollidays, while I commuted back to the electorate during January to attend several surf carnivals and the annual Italian Festival.

When on the farm, I shut myself away indoors and started to write an introduction to my thesis, which was to be titles "Interactions of the Eastern Grey Kangaroo,  Macropus giganteus, with sheep and cattle".

It was a wrench to turn my attention away from the consideration of  Homo sapiens; and to try and write in an academic, rather than a journalistic style. Also, I had to resist the urge to be outdoors with the family, attending to the cares of our neglected farm. Nonetheless, I pressed on, and by the end of January a first draft of the introduction was ready for typing onto a word processor.  

In Parliament House, we had moved into the new office wing. Each MP had an individual suite: a small ante-room with a desk and filing cabinets for a secretary; and a large inner room for the member, with a desk, comfortable chairs, a sofa that folded out into a bed, and cupboards that concealed a sink and a  

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