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        Several ministers and shadow ministers called in to shake a few hands, but there was no sign of the candidates in person.

        Our candidate was Ken Gabb, and the Liberals had Alan Jones.   Both projected an image in their propaganda of the youthful, educated professional, full of ideas and enthusiasm to serve the electorate.

        With "Ken Gabb - Your Man in the Wran Government" as a slogan, the impression was created of direct contact with the Premier.   Year later Ken told me   that, in fact, he had virtually no contact with Wran during the by-election campaign.   He had been kept at arms length by the Party Head Office, which took over control of the strategy.

        On the way   home that night, I resolved to use "Alan Stewart - Your Man in the Wran Government", for the Manly campaign.   Also, I had to find some way to obtain publicity in the  Manly  Daily.

        Ken Gabb won Earlwood easily, with a swing of 9%   The general election campaign was now definitely on--we were all racing towards polling day.

        The next week I went into the city to David Jones Menswear Store and bought a new suit, my first in fifteen years as a uniform for the political battles ahead.


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